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Our practices consist of technique and live wrestling. The practices will challenge your kids both physically and mentally.  We will take the time out to make sure your kids are improving plus our coaches attend tournaments every weekend.

FALL (PRESEASON) (PK-8) - 9/8/19- 10/23/19

1 day or 2 day session option beginning with fundamentals, discipline and increasing intensity as the session progresses in preparing for preseason tournaments.  JJ Trained Coaches attending Preseason Nationals. Click here for more info.

  • Sundays - 6-7:30pm  
  • Wednesdays - 6-7:30pm

WINTER (PK-8) - 11/3/19 - 3/22/20

1-3 day session options that include an average of 4-8 coaches at each practice with a goal to have each wrestler prepared physically and mentally for the season and able to out work the competition.  JJ Trained coaches at MYAS Tour, Rumble on the Red, and other weekend open or MNUSA qualifier tournaments.  Wrestlers will also have the opportunity to wrestle off for Rumble On The Red teams. Click here for more info.​​​​​

  • Sundays - 6-7:30pm  
  • Mondays - 6-7:30pm
  • Wednesdays - 6-7:30pm

SUMMER (PK-8) - 6/2020-8/2020

Check back in March for 2020 summer registration and session info.


1-3 day session options with an average of 4-6 coaches at this practice to help assist & ensure wrestlers are understanding the fundamental steps.   Technique will be broken down into smaller steps to prepare wrestlers for tournaments and will play games that are geared toward making them better wrestlers.  JJ Trained Coaches at select beginner weekend tournaments. Click here for more info.

  • Sundays - 11/3-3/1 - 5-6pm
  • Tuesdays - 10/22-1/16 -  6-7pm  
  • Thursdays - 10/22-1/16 - 6-7pm

MATCH NIGHTS (PK-8) - 10/25/19 - 2/28/20

Each wrestler will get 10 full-length matches each night along with mental preparation training, situational wrestling  and drilling.  No practices on the weekends of the MYAS Tour, Rumble on the Red or High School Sections.  (Drop Ins Allowed - Max 75 Wrestlers) Click here for more info.

  • Fridays- 6-7:30pm  
  • 2019- 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/22, 11/29, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20
  • 2020- 1/10, 1/24, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28

MEA CAMP (GRADES 2-12) - 10/17-10/19/19

1-3 days camp options that includes include 2 technique sessions each day, motivational/mental session, live match session along with a 2 mile run and sprints.  There will be no games played that are not related directly to wrestling.  Camp clinicians include U of M alumni Brett and Chris Pfarr, Matt Mincey and 2 additional clinicians along with JJ Trained coach TJ Friederichs.  Camp led by JJ Trained founder Jeff Wichern.  Contact Coach Jeff at if your child is under 2nd grade and interested in camp.  Click here for more info.

  • 3 Days - 10/17-10/19 - Drop Off 8am / Pick Up 6:15pm

PRESEASON (7-12) - 9/8/19-11/17/19

WINTER (7-12) - 11/24/19-2/23/20

Sessions are led by U of M Gopher Legend Clinicians Brett and Chris Pfarr.  These practices focus on getting your wrestlers ready for the regular season with technique, drilling and conditioning.  The winter session will focus on technique, drilling and peaking towards tournament time.  Click here for more info.

  • Sundays - 3:30-5pm


Looking for a more individualized plan or critique?  Private sessions include a small group 30 minute session with JJ Trained coach of your choice.  Schedule sessions prior to practices based on coach availability. Click here for more info.

SPRING (PK-8) - 4/2020-5/2020

Freestyle wrestling is a style of wrestling that is practiced throughout the world. Along with Greco Roman, it is one of the two styles of wrestling contested in the Olympic Games.

We will focus on the techniques that most youth wrestlers miss out on, covering the intricacies of Freestyle/Greco Roman wrestling that so many youth struggle with.  The majority of youth programs in America do almost exclusively Folkstyle wrestling leaving young athletes without the proper tools to compete in Freestyle tournaments. 

Check back in January for 2020 spring registration and session info.

PSA TRAINING (PK-8) - 6/2020-8/2020


Power, strength and agility training in sport gives an athlete an edge on his/her competition. And the great news is that it can all be learned through technique training, proper drills, and hard work. If you’re wanting and willing to get faster, let’s dive (or sprint!) into the action. This session for Pre­-K through 8th grade will enable you to reach new levels in your sport.  This is the one of the kid's favorite sessions and call it their Ninja Obstacle Course.

Check back in March for 2020 summer registration and session info.


Unsure if you are ready to register?  Come check what we are all about and join us for one complimentary practice.  If you are not registered for a session, please click here to fill out a guest waiver.

MULTIPLE WRESTLER IMMEDIATE FAMILY DISCOUNT: 2nd Child - no discount, 3rd Child - 50% off, 4th Child  FREE.  Discount will be applied to lesser value registration.  Contact for discount code.

JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
JJ Trained Wrestling School
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